Bathtub Magic

Bathtub Magic

What does self-love in action look like to you? Does it look like feeding yourself wholesome food? Thinking loving, uplifting thoughts? Taking the time to exercise or do some yoga? Maybe even taking yourself on a date?

Our physical bodies are the sacred vessels that grant us the ability to do our work. It instinctively knows how to digest food into the nutrients that allow our bodies to run optimally. It also keeps our hearts beating and bodies breathing while we play in the land of dreams. In today's fast paced society, we are subconsciously told that our value is based on our production. Because of this, it is essential to make time for the soft revolution that says, "I am worthy of love and self care, and I will take the time to show myself this, no matter what." This revolution is paramount for both men and women alike in order to heal the Collective. It is a practice, but a crucial one. One that requires action, not just empty words. One that requires scheduling time for ourselves. One that requires knowing our boundaries and when to exercise a healthy "No".

When I talk to most people about this topic, their responses are some derivative of "I don't have time", which is an excuse I know all too well.
"The job needs to get done."
"The house needs to get cleaned."
"The kids are crying."
"The bills aren't paid.:
"My friend needs me."
"My partner needs me."
Go, go, go. Give, give, give. To everyone and everything but ourselves. Sound familiar? Well, what do we do when the well runs dry? When our cups are empty and our minds are full. Giving to others when we are running on fumes is not an effective way to interact with our environment, and it can actually cause more harm than good. We cannot uplift, support, nor love those around us if we do not first give this medicine to ourselves.
So again, what does self-love in action look like to you? What are some daily practices you can implement in to your morning/nightly routine that will declare your worthiness so that you may give to others from a cup that is overflowing?
For me personally, I have always loved taking baths. It has been a time for me to let go of everything going on in my outer world and to just be present with myself. To show up. For myself. With myself. IN MY SELF. It's a time to rest my achy bones and to say thank you to my feet. My knees. My arms. MY BODY! Thanking this vessel for all that it does for me throughout the day. As I have become more in tune with Gaia, the elements, and universal forces, my bathing time has morphed into a sacred ritual. A time to set an intention and to hold space for it to blossom. A time to light the fire within. A time to become the water.
Now, I'd like to share with you a breakdown of some of the physical benefits that come from salt bath soaks and how to maximize the potential of this time, taking your bath to the next level. Spiritual level, that is. I am going to share a few simple ways to utilize this alone time to set intentions for manifestation and healing, to connect deeply with the elements, yourself, and the Goddess.

"Thy Body is Thy Temple"

There are numerous health benefits to regular salt bath soaks. A wide array of benefits come from the mineral content of the salts, with high levels of magnesium being a major contributor. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions within the human organism and is involved in many aspects of health. Magnesium deficiency is one of the biggest health problems within our Collective today. Depleted soils low in mineral content give way to depleted foods, which then gives way to depleted humans. You then pile on our stress levels, over-consumption of caffeine and sugar, and our polluted water, and you now have yourself an epidemic (more on that later).
Routine bath soaks are a great way to help replenish the magnesium levels within your body, allowing this mineral to work symbiotically with other minerals to restore balance to your entire system. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation, relieve stress, increase blood circulation, and detoxify and soothe your body into a better night's rest. The absorption of magnesium promotes the expansion of the vascular smooth muscle within the human body. In turn, blood circulation to the muscles increases, allowing them to relax. Magnesium deficiency results in the tightening of muscles, leading to cramps and spasms. Thankfully, magnesium absorption could actually alleviate the root cause of some of this pain. As blood circulation increases, blood pressure decreases, permitting stress levels to subside. Magnesium is necessary for proper function of the GABA receptors in the brain (GABA is a neurotransmitter that allows the brain to transition into a restful state). When the mind and body are relaxed, deep restorative sleep can be achieved. Since magnesium is involved with so many physiological functions, its absorption aids in the restoration of balance within countless bodily systems. Salt baths bring balance to the hormones and allow the heart to return to its natural rhythm.

What Next?

Set An Intention

You've made it! You have decided to carve out dedicated time for yourself. BE PROUD. With this time, consciously decide what to focus your mind on. Do you want to set an intention simply to feel peace during your bath? Or maybe take a more Yin approach, setting an intention of silence. You could utilize this magical time to set an intention for something you desire to manifest outside of the bathtub. The mind is a powerful tool. Imagine what you could create if for just 30 minutes you focused on that garden you want to grow or that book you want to write. Spend time tuning in to how good it feels to have this intention come to fruition. Now, feel as if it already has (keep in mind, regular bath soaks also give you more energy to work towards these goals after your bathtub ritual ;)).

Light The Fire

Fire is a captivating element. It is the only one that can create more of itself! A single match could set a whole forest on fire. How powerful is that?! We must work with this element reverently. So get a candle, light it. Observe how it dances wildly this way and that without holding anything back. Contemplate this element and how it can both keep you warm yet burn you if not handled with care. Ask it to illuminate its teachings for your life. Ask it to set your passionate intentions ablaze, sparking tiny flickers of creativity within every person you encounter. Study this element, both metaphorically and physically. See where it leads...

Become The Water

Water is a receptive element. Have you heard of Masaru Emoto? He was the Japanese researcher who declared that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. He captured pictures of water molecules after being told "I love you" and "I hate you", and the difference was astounding! This information shifted my whole perspective fundamentally and unequivocally.
Humans are made up of over 50% water, so do our thoughts and words then have a 'say' in our molecular structure? Be kind to yourself. So as you are drawing your bath, holding your intention in your heart and mind, fire raging; begin to communicate with the water, both in your body and in the tub. Turn the water into holy water, worthy enough to baptize you, to cleanse you, to heal you. Ask this water to wash away all that is no longer serving you. Ask it to detoxify you of all that stands in the way of your heart's deepest desire. Once you are in the tub, close your eyes and allow yourself to feel beyond the limits of your physical body, into the space where there is no place where the water ends and you begin.

Honor the Goddess

The Goddess loves when you take the time to honor your temple, to do the work of becoming the vessel that is pure enough to receive Her. Maybe this bath is about you taking the time to experience the goddess within. Touch your own body. Massage your own feet. Put your hands on your heart, your womb, or wherever your hands may gravitate towards, and just take a moment to feel. When is the last time you took a few moments to just notice how your body FEELS? Be open to receive the communication of the Divine. It speaks in whispers, and you must be listening with the inner ear in order to hear it. Utilize the tools of the Goddess. Are there certain flowers or crystals you have been attracted to lately? Adorn your bath with them, and let your bath adorn you. Immerse yourself in roses or the sweet aroma of Ylang Ylang. Salt water is a conductor of electricity, which stimulates movement within your cells. It will also radiate the energy of the crystals that you place in your bath. And men, you are surely mistaken if you think these practices exclude you. Sensuality is Sexy. The Goddess is a force, available for us all. The world desperately needs more men who are awakened to Her, so take a breath and let go of the notion that you have to always hang on ever so tightly to your rough exterior.
Close the door, and for 30 minutes, LET GO....

Forever Your Reflection,

Ariana Louts

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