EMERGENCE: An Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse


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Are you ready to EMERGE as your healthiest, most authentic Self??

EMERGENCE is a 6 week, guided Ayurvedic Spring cleanse that begins on 3.20.22

I will be guiding you on this cleansing journey through the use of food, herbs, medicated oils, and other Ayurvedic/detoxification practices. 

I have designed this program to be supportive for people with all ranges of cleansing experience, with guidance that supports a basic kitchari cleanse, as well as an at home pacha karma. 

The Ayurvedic cleansing protocol is unique in that there are 4 phases:

The pre cleanse phase

The active cleanse phase

The reintroduction phase

& the rejuvenation phase.

-The pre cleanse phase  lasts about 7 days and is where we will gently prepare our bodies for the active cleansing phase. We will do this by simplifying our diets and moving towards more whole, natural food choices, as well as beginning to work with ghee, herbs like CCF tea and triphala, and other gentle detoxification practices.

-The active cleanse phase lasts anywhere from 3-7 days (you choose how long you want to cleanse for) and is where the deepest detoxification will take place. We will do this deep cleansing by eating a mono diet of kitchari (rice, beans, vegetables, spices) as well as diving deeper into other detoxification practices. This is the most intense part of the cleansing journey and it is here that I HIGHLY recommend you do your best to clear your schedule and make time for self care, as you may find that you don’t feel super great during this phase and may have very low energy, as well as a wide range of emotions coming up.

-The reintroduction phase lasts about 7 days and is where we will gently reintroduce diversity back into our meals. Digestion is very delicate after the cleansing process so we want to slowly and gently start to reintroduce foods. This phase also gives us a wonderful opportunity to see if any foods are causing inflammation or digestive upset.

-The rejuvenation phase is my favorite phase and one that is unique to Ayurveda. It lasts about 3 weeks to a month. After going through a deep detoxification the bodily tissues are primed and ready to be deeply nourished. We begin this process of deep nourishment through the use of rejuvenative foods,  herbs, and lifestyle practices. 

This cleanse is great for people dealing with:

Digestive issues

Skin issues

Hormonal imbalance

Low energy

Chronic fatigue


Feelings of stuck-ness or stagnancy

Minor chronic health issues

It’s also a wonderful practice for those of you who are already feeling good, but want to feel EVEN BETTER + get more in synch with the rhythms of Nature

***Cleansing is not recommended for those that are pregnant, breastfeeding, dealing with acute illness or more serious chronic illness

Some of the benefits of an Ayurvedic cleanse are:

Improvement in digestion + elimination

Increased energy

Better sleep

A more balanced relationship with food

Increased mental clarity

Feeling ‘lighter’ mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and in some cases this could equate to losing weight as well

Feeling more rooted and connected to oneself

What’s included in this offering:

4 Live Zoom Calls (recordings will be sent out after each session)

Private Facebook Group

Guidebooks + Support

Discounted 1:1 Sessions ($55 instead of $111)

If you have any questions about this cleansing journey and if it will be a good fit for you, you can book a FREE 30 min discovery call with me here:


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